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  • It's a Man thing.

    We want to support men's issues in a proactive way, not wait until we have had a personal experience with prostate cancer. Dealing with Prostate Cancer is about men facing up to their responsibilities. Our trip, similarly, is about facing the unknown and showing that it can be overcome. That which can be seen as a huge challenge can be overcome by facing up to it head on, accepting the challenge, and using a carefully planned and organised approach. We want to encourage Men to face up to their responsibilities, because the issues exist.

    Only a few generations ago people were dying from things that today we scoff at as a minor discomfort, or are vaccinated against in childhood. Who would have thought that a vaccine against the causes of cervical cancer would have been available back then?

    These breakthroughs are only possible by research, and to research you need money. For a cause to get enough money to work effectively toward a cure or breakthrough, it has to be popular, in the news, on peoples list. That's why, in riding our bikes around the world, awareness of Prostate Cancer is as important, if not more important, than the funds raised. That's where we need the most help...

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