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    Show your support for men's health.
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  • The RideRightRound is funded out of our own pockets, you can help the project by sponsoring us.

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  • If you believe Men's health promotion is a worthy cause you can help in one of the following ways..

    We can't do it without your help...

    Your name on the list shows you care about men's health. Enough names on the list and corporate sponsors, the media and public start to look at research into men's health, and support for men as a realistic option for limited research grants. Guys start talking about their health, and whether they have had a checkup. You don't have to beg your dad to go to the doctor because his mates already have. Show us you care by signing up as a supporter.

    As an awareness campaign, The RideRightRound project is a proactive support for men's health, designed to give organisations, media and the public a reason to talk about prostate cancer and men's health. The key goal is to generate as much noise as possible so men will start to take their health a more seriously.

    "It's crucial that men understand the value of being proactive about their health in a way that women have been doing for years."

    If you are someone who can help by getting the word out there lend a hand. Start talking about the Ride Right Round and Prostate Cancer in your Clubs, societies, interest groups, email lists, MySpace, Facebook, Radio Shows, TV Shows, Internet Sites, Schools, Workplaces. Let us know you are. Sign up for updates, leave messages, call talk shows. The more the better. This help is invaluable and doesn't cost a cent!

    Quality products are integral in getting our message around. Sponsoring the RideRightRound is a unique way to help the sponsor identify with a segment of the market very much ignored by other fund and awareness raising initiatives. We can demonstrate that your products are reliable, coupled with a genuine concern for the community.

    Given as a donation or sold at cost, what may be just a little thing to you will be a major help to the project.

    Although we are not collectng donations directly, we are working with a number of world leaders in Prostate Cancer research and support. We want the funds to stay in the region they are donated, so to find your local Prostate Cancer Organisation for donations or further information click here.

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