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  • The RideRightRound is funded out of our own pockets, you can help the project by sponsoring us.

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  • Latest Blog: Nazca lines - Feb 28th, 2010
  • Around the world by motorcycle
  • In March 2009 two of us will ride overland around the world on motorbikes. Beginning in Sydney Australia, the route takes in South East Asia, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Eastern Europe. Then on to Canada and the USA, down through Central and South America, Antarctica and home via NZ.  view route

    RideRightRound is a unique global community based project, using the challenges of adventure travel to create a reason to talk about men's health. We are working with local men’s health groups and organisations across the world to raise awareness amongst all men and their families.

    “We want men to see that it is crucial to be proactive about their health in a way that women have been doing for years.”

  • for Cancer Support
  • How is riding a motorbike around the world going to support prostate cancer?

    For a cause to get enough money to work effectively toward a cure or breakthrough, it has to be popular, in the news, on peoples list. So being realistic, we are not expecting to raise the millions of dollars needed for research into a cure and run support programs. What we are hoping to do is to contribute towards the search for a cure, and support programs, all the while giving organisations, media and the public a reason to talk about prostate cancer, to demonstrate the lengths one person is prepared to go to get it on the agenda. It's a proactive way to support men's issues.

    Supporting local prostate cancer research and support groups, we will give presentations en route on prostate cancer, travel and the trip, motorbike adventuring or whatever suits the audience, and the local organisation uses it as an opportunity to get it's message into the local community.  Bringing a global message to the local community.

    Prostate Cancer Support & Donations
    The RideRightRound will act as a physical representation of the worldwide nature of prostate cancer. We are working with prostate cancer organisations in local communities worldwide, who can give further information and support, and where you can make a donations that will benefit your local community.

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  • Argentina with Macca

    Friday, March 19th, 2010 [11:49:03 AM]
    posted by Todd Barry

    A quick update:
    Myself and Macca (a good mate of Simon) have flown to Argentina to make arrangements to bring Simon home on behalf of his family. We have recieved a great deal of support over here, largely driven by Macca's father in law John.
    We (everyone here in Argentina on the job) are doing all that we can to bring the big guy home and we greatly appreciate all your messages and support. We will keep you all updated on the progress.

    Back home Mark (Simon's Brother) is making all the necessary arrangements, a job that no doubt has been difficult while also coming to terms with the loss and supporting his family, he is a strong man and is dedicated to bring home Simon. Send him your support and think of him in this difficult time.

    Also for those of you who know Macca, his Wife and family, please spare a thought for them, they too are working to help in any way they can. Maddy, Macca's wife is not only dealing with the loss of Simon but also the absense of her husband which comes at a time when their family home in Airlie Beach (north QLD) comes under threat of Tropical Cyclone Ului. So please spare a thought also for Macca's family.

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    The RideRightRound is a community based awareness project to advance awareness of prostate cancer and men's health. Your support will show that prostate cancer and men's health are genuine concerns for communities across the globe. What may be just a little thing to you will be a major help to the project.

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